Young ideas!

Active participation for social inclusion “by young Roma women

In this activity we met all the participants of the Young Voices project: it was a long awaited moment, since we were finally able to share all those topics that created us curiosity, that we wanted to know and that could provide us with relevant knowledge to start a joint struggle that has as purpose the improvement of the situation of our people and ourselves at the international level.

In this space we work in groups. We made different work groups where we could share what have been the difficulties and obstacles that as young gypsies we have found in our way. Then, together we propose possible solutions, sharing the experiences and successful actions already carried out in the different territories. Finally, we met all together again, so that each group could explain and share in the face of all the difficulties it had detected and the possible solutions that were proposed.

Arrival of our primas in Catalonia

During the five days in which young Roma women from different countries came to Barcelona, ​​we were able to share many things that you can follow on this page.

We made visits to different emblematic places in Barcelona, to Roma organizations that fight to improve the situation of our people in different areas such as education. We were also received by the mayor of Barcelona Ada Colau; we carried out a joint activity where we could get to know each other better and share different experiences, and finally, we were able to participate in the II International Congress of Roma women.

We have created this website so that you can see that these dreams, which sometimes seem impossible, can be reach with effort. This project is oriented from that: that our voices are heard in any part of the world, and we get equity for all.

Welcome to the Roma women who arrived in Barcelona

Here we are in the Cent Room where the Mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, welcomed all Roma women participating in the II International Congress of Roma Women, in the Cent Room of the Barcelona City Council.

Visit to the Integral Plan of the Roma People (PIPGC)

One of the visits we made was the Integral Plan of the Roma People of Catalonian Goberment.

In this visit we were able to see the space where they work, what purpose this political body has, and what actions are being carried out within the framework of the PIPGC. We also meet a group of young Roma women and men who are preparing to enter the University. To support themselves in this process they have organized an association called Campus Rom

Participation in the II International Congress of Roma Women

One of the activities in which all the participants of the project were able to participate was in the expected II International Congress of Roma Women

It was a highly anticipated event for all, a meeting where 372 Roma women of different ages and coming from 16 countries in Europe and 12 Autonomous Communities of Spain were able to participate actively.

In this event, which took place on March 23th and 24th, 2018 in the same week that the young women from Greece, Bulgaria and Romania came, we were able to enjoy a space for and for us, Roma women from different territories.

Within this Congress, we were able to work together to improve our situation in different areas such as education, employment, health and gender equality.

From working groups that were held, debates and tables of speakers, we were able to meet and share our experiences, our dreams, the difficulties we encountered along the way and how to overcome all obstacles to fulfill our dreams.

We left that Congress very motivated, happy and enriched to be able to feel the strength that we all have together.

Creation of the Web page

The young people of Barcelona have started the process of creating the design and content of the website, the groups of young people from different countries, are contributing their improvements to get a super Web.